About Night Owl Media Group

Night Owl Media Group is a family-owned and operated group working out of Orange County, California. We have 18 years of experience in the industry of Web Development lead by qualified people. Our co-founder, Tabitha “Tabby” Chapman sports a degree in Computer Science and has experience in 6 programming/scripting languages as well as CSS, Javascript and many libraries and frameworks within, and specializes in WordPress-based and Symfony-based websites and applications. Tabby also teaches Computer Science subjects at a local community college. As technology changes,¬†our talent has maintained our commitment to working with the latest technologies and standards, while still providing excellent customer service for ‘legacy’ projects that may have outdated standards and/or technologies. We recognize that every project, young and old, need some support.

Our staff recognizes that everyone communicates differently, and our project management highly focuses on maintaining great project flow while helping you maintain your day-to-day business practices and not force you to learn new tools. We value your time as much as you value ours. When appropriate, we assign ‘homework’ (there’s that teaching background) to assist us in building you the best product. Don’t worry, you won’t be graded.

It is our commitment to you to build a great product according to specs and be honest and forthcoming about our work, skills, and any limitations. We believe in transparency and quick communication. Night Owl Media Group delivers more than just the sum of a projects parts, we deliver a whole project; an experience of partnership/teamwork to see your vision to fruition.

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